2018 Graduates

Natalia Lizardo

  • Undergraduate Institution: Manhattanville College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Neil Chi
  • Project Title: The Role of Arrb2b and Sphk1 Genes in Regulating Vascular Integrity in Zebrafish

Brian Druciak

  • Undergraduate Institution: Johns Hopkins University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Hemal Patel
  • Project Title: Integration of Extracellular Mitochondria into White Adipose Tissue

April Pruitt

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Nicole Purcell
  • Project Title: Removal of PHLPP2 alters Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in the Heart

Cameron Hill

  • Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Robert Ross
  • Project Title: Mitochondrial Biogenesis: A Promising New Therapeutic Target for Heart Failure

Jonathan Ventura

  • Institution: The Preuss School UCSD
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Francisco Villarreal
  • Project Title: Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of the Normal and Infarcted Heart

Lesley Vo

  • Institution: The Preuss School UCSD
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Andrew McCulloch
  • Project Title: The link between CamKII and the Insulin Signaling Pathway