2020 Graduates

Fathudin Abdullahi

  • Undergraduate Institution: CSU East Bay
  • Research Mentor: Dr. David Barba
  • Project Title: Exploring the Association Between Agricultural Pesticides and Parkinson’s Disease

Khukheper Awakoaiye

  • Undergraduate Institution: Howard University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. David Roth
  • Project Title: The Effect of Gulf War Illness on Membrane Integrity

Ngoc 'June' Hoang

  • Undergraduate Institution: Haverford College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Francisco Villarreal
  • Project Title: Therapeutic Potentials of Doxycycline in Treating Inflammatory Complications Caused by COVID-19

Han Le

  • Undergraduate Institution: Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Hemal Patel
  • Project Title: Impact of heart-specific caveolin-3 overexpression on circadian exosome secretion as a function of age

Brittney Love

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of New Mexico
  • Research Mentor: Peter Zage
  • Project Title: Level of Cancer Knowledge in Parents of Newly Diagnosed Pediatric Cancer Patients

Selina Montoya

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of New Mexico
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Katie Fowler
  • Project Title: Screening Hispanic/Latino Patients for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease using Butterfly iQ Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Yaniel Ramirez

  • Undergraduate Institution: UC Davis
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Suzi Hong
  • Project Title: Plasma inflammatory biomarkers as predictors for COVID-19 restriction-related trauma symptoms

Phinea Romero

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Alexander Khalessi
  • Project Title: Comparing SPGR MRI with Conventional Methods of Diagnosis and Localization of Pituitary Adenoma

Charlie Sutton

  • Undergraduate Institution: Harvard University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Jejo Koola
  • Project Title: Understanding how Healthcare Professionals use and Interpret the Epic Deterioration Index and Early Warning Scores

Savanna Toure

  • Undergraduate Institution: Lafayette College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Adam Engler
  • Project Title: The Biological Impact of Differentially Expressed Kinesins (KIFs) Family by Race in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer