2017 Graduates


Jocelyn Baquier

  • Undergraduate Institution: Barry University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Farah Sheikh
  • Project Title: A possible role for cereblon as a desmoplakin regulator at the intercalated disc

Anthony Dinkel

  • Undergraduate Institution: Santa Clara University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. David Roth
  • Project Title: Isolation, purification, and functional characterization of exosomes from Caveolin-1 mutant human dermal fibroblasts

Jessica-Sophie Horoschak

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Hemal Patel
  • Project Title: Assessment of mitochondrial function in hearts from caveolin-1 knock-out mice

Shivani Lakkaraju

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Albert La Spada
  • Project Title: Investigating the role of increased autophagy in Spinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy in vitro

Julian Pacheco

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Omens
  • Project Title: Effect of Cleaved Osteopontin on Cardiac Fibroblast and Myofibroblast Profibrotic Activity Compared Between Stiffnesses

Joel Pardo

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Miami
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Neil Chi
  • Project Title: Examining the role of tbx2b in myocardial cellular plasticity

Sarah Schurr

  • Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Robert Ross
  • Project Title: The Role of Perm1 in Cardiac Muscle

Ashley Scott

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Virginia
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Eric Zorrilla
  • Project Title: Optimizing qPCR analyses of leptin receptor expression in the anterior insula