2016 Graduates

Zahna Bigham

  • Undergraduate Institution: Wesleyan College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Shigeki Miyamoto
  • Project Title: RhoA Signaling Stabilizes PINK1 to Regulate Mitophagy in Cardiomyocytes


David Bunn

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Albany
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Hemal Patel
  • Project Title: Implications of CAV1 Mutation in Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Pulmonary Hypertension

Nghi Dang

  • Preuss High School
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Nicole Purcell
  • Project Title: Removal of PHLPP2 Protects Astrocytes from Injury

Alana Gonzales

  • Undergraduate Institution: Scripps College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Karen Christman
  • Project Title: Efficacy of an exreacellular matrix-based hydrogel as a delivery methoad for microRNA

Emanuel Kieler

  • Undergraduate Institution: Washington College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. David Roth
  • Project Title: Isoflurane-Induced Preconditioning in Aging Caenorhabditis elegans

Kelsey Kines

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Richmond
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Eric Zorrilla
  • Project Title: Metabolic and hormonal adaptation in female rats with cyclic access to preferred chow

Joey Ochoa

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of New Mexico
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Jeff Omens
  • Project Title: Cardiac fibroblast proliferation and extracellular matric production after static stretch on compliant gels

Marc-Anthony Rodriguez

  • Undergraduate Institution: Cornell University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Adam Engler
  • Project Title: Effect of forskoin and Nitric Oxide on the expression of vinculin in In vitro Drosophila Melanogaster derived embryonic cell lines

Denisse Suastegui Olivares

  • Preuss High School
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Asa Gustafsson
  • Project Title: MCL-1 anc Cell Survival in the Heart

Allyse Zondlak

  • Undergraduate Institution: Adran College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Farah Sheikh
  • Project Title: The Potential Role of Cereblon in Desmosomal Biology and Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy