2014 Graduates

Ali Dakka

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Nicole Purcell
  • Project Title: The Effects of the Removal of PHLPP2 in the Heart and the Brain


Jenna Franco

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Arizona
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Marion Sewer
  • Project Title: Role of Cyclic AMP Signaling in the Regulation of DENND1A Expression in the Human Adrenal Cortex

Elise Munoz

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Arizona
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Asa Gustafsson
  • Project Title: Accumulation of mitochondrial DNA mutations impairs function in cardiac progenitor cells

Ashley Tarchione

  • Undergraduate Institution: University of Nevada, Reno
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Deborah Spector
  • Project Title: Neuroprotective Compounds J-147, CNB-001, and Fisetin’s Effect on Viral Gene Expression of Human Cytomegalovirus

Kevin Tenerelli

  • Undergraduate Institution: Palomar College
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Adam Engler
  • Project Title: Recapitulation of Myocardial Infarction Using Patient-Specific iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes to Characterize Chromosomal Mutation 9p21

Keaira Thornton

  • Undergraduate Institution: Norfolk State University
  • Research Mentor: Dr. Joann Trejo
  • Project Title: Investigating the role of the PAR4 C-terminus in mediating β- arrestin-dependent Akt signaling by the PAR4/P2Y12 heterodimer