2003 Graduates

Marissa Aillaud, San Diego State, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, BA, Biology
Research Mentor: Ron Evans, PhD, Professor, Salk Institute
Project: Identification of Cre/lox Transgenic Mice to Study the Effect of Endothelial Cell Specific Knock-out of PPAR? and PPARd
Current Position: Trainee at Stanford University Medical School, entered 2005
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Publications: none

Yadani Beyene, Harvard University, BA, Neurobiology
Research Mentor: Kirk Knowlton, MD, Assoc. Professor, Medicine
Project: The Significance of Interferon (IFN) — Mediated STAT3 Activation in Antiviral Defense
Current Position: Graduated from Harvard University, Neurobiology, Spring 05; Analyst in the Health Care Consulting field and will apply to Medical School after 1 or 2 years.
Publications: none

Jessica Garcia, Stanford University, BS, Biology
Research Mentor: Joseph Witztum, MD, Professor, Medicine
Project: Using the Basinger and Anastasi Cell Lines to Test the Binding and Degradation of Native LDL versus Oxidized LDL in Normal versus Mutated LDL Receptors
Current Position: Trainee at Stanford University, Major: Biology
Publications: none

Brian Goico, Washington University, BS, Biochemistry
Research Mentor: Joan Heller Brown, PhD, Professor, Pharmacology, Acting Chair, Pharmacology
Project: LPA1R Subtype-Specific Signaling of Proliferation and Rounding of 1321N1 Astrocytoma Cells
Current Position: Trainee at MSTP at Northwestern University, entered 2004
Publications: none

Omar Halawa, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, BS, Biostatistics
Research Mentor: Dan O'Connor, MD, Professor, Medicine
Project: The Genetic Basis of Hypertension
Current Position: Trainee in PhD Bioinformatics Program at University of Michigan, entered Fall 2004
Publications: none

Sean Penwell, New Mexico State University, BS, Microbiology
Research Mentor: Ken Chien, MD/PhD, Professor, Institute for Molecular Medicine In Situ
Project: Hybridization Analysis of Navigator Gene Expression During Mouse Development
Current Position: Trainee at Harvard Medial School, entered Fall 05
Publications: none

Sekinat Kassim, Howard University, BS, Biology
Research Mentor: Chris Glass, MD/PhD, Professor, Dept. Molecular Medicine
Project: Interaction Studies Between ERF and DP103
Current Position: Trainee at Howard Univ. College of Medicine, entered Fall 2005
Publications: none

Brian Rebolledo, University of San Diego, BS, Biology
Research Mentor: Kirk Hammond, MD, Professor, Medicine
Project: Gene Therapy for Heart Failure in Mice
Current Position: Student at University of San Diego Biology / continuing research with Dr. Hammond
Publications: Brian Rebolledo, N. Chin Lai, Toshiyuki Takahashi and H. Kirk Hammond. Adenylyl cyclase gene transfer increases cardiac function in murine cardiomyopathy. Circulation (Submitted) 2005.

Oscar Silva, Santa Clara University, BS, Psychology, Chemistry
Research Mentor: Oswald Quehenberger, MD, Assoc. Adj. Professor, Medicine
Project: Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein-Induced Apoptosis by the Class B Scavenger Receptor, CD36
Current Position: Trainee in the MSTP at UCLA, entered Fall 2006
Publications: Carrasco, M.R.; Brown, R.T.; Serafimova, I.M.; and Silva, O. Synthesis of N-Fmoc-O-(N'-Boc-N'-methyl)-aminohomoserine, an Amino Acid for the Facile Preparation of Neoglycopeptides. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2003, 68, 195-197.
Carrasco, M. R.; Bernardina, M. D.; Brown, R. T.; Rawls, K. A.; Silva, O. "Synthesis and biological applications of combinatorial neoglycopeptide arrays". Presented at the 28th European Peptide Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, September 5-September 10, 2004; J. Peptide Sci. 2004, 10, S198.
Carrasco, M. R.; Rawls, K. A.; Sweeney, M. S.; Silva, O. "Synthesis of Neolipopeptides by chemoselective acylation and alkylation of N-alkylaminooxy-containing peptides. Presented at the 19th American Peptide Symposium, San Diego, California, June 18-June 23, 2005; The American Peptide Society Journal. 2005, 80(4), 511.

Jessica Witherspoon, Delaware State University, BS, Biology
Research Mentor: Paul Insel, MD, Professor, Medicine and Pharmacology, Director MSTP
Project: SNPs Expressed in the P2Y11 DNA Coded Regions of Both Hypertensive and Leukemia Patients
Current Position: Student at Delaware State University, Biology
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Publications: None