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2001 Graduates

Jacob Andrade

  • Undergraduate Institution & Major: UC San Diego, BS in Bioengineering
  • Research Mentor: Kenneth Chien, MD/PhD, Professor, Medicine
  • Project: MLP-Telethonin Interaction and Mechanical Stretch-Activation Signaling in Cardiomyocytes
  • Current Position: Trainee at USC Keck School of Medicine MD/PhD program, entered Fall 04
  • Publications: none

Sheila Asare-Bediako

  • Cal State Univ. Dominguez Hills, BA in Biology
  • Research Mentor: Bruce Hamilton, PhD, Asst. Prof. Medicine/Professor Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • Project: Chromosomal Engineering through Transient Induction of Homologous Recombination
  • Current Position: Trainee at UCSD School of Medicine, entered Fall 04
  • Publications: none

Angela De La O

  • University of Portland, BA
  • Research Mentor: Sylvia Evans, PhD, Assoc. Adj. Professor, Medicine
  • Project: The Role of FGF in Xenopus Heart Development Tested by Manipulation of the Ets Transcription Factor XER81
  • Current Position: Medical Student, University of Utah, entered Fall 02
  • Publications: none

Emily Kieu

  • UC San Diego, BA in General Biology
  • Research Mentor: Joseph Witztum, MD, Professor Medicine
  • Project Title: Isolation and Characterization of T-cells from Murine Atherosclerotic Lesions
  • Current Position: Trainee at UCSD Medical School entering Fall 05
  • Publications: none

Dina Ramirez

  • University of Texas at Pan American, BS in Biology
  • Research Mentor: Robert Parmer, MD, Assoc. Adjunct Professor, Medicine
  • Project: Examination of the Effects of Nicotine on PAI-1 Expression in Chromaffin Cells
  • Current Position: Medical Student, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio entered Fall 2002; will apply to Internal Medicine Residency Programs
  • Abstract  - [1563 kb]
  • Publications: none

Mari Shiraishi

  • University of Notre Dame, BS in Pre-Professional Studies
  • Research Mentor: Barry Greenberg, MD, Professor, Medicine
  • Project: Construction of an Antisense Vector to Suppress Expression of the Transcription Factor AP-1 in Cardiac Fibroblast
  • Current Position: Trainee at Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Publications: none

Jean-Paul De La O

  • University of San Diego, BS in Biology
  • Research Mentor: Paul A. Insel, MD, Professor, Medicine and Pharmacology, Director MST Program
  • Project: Fibroblast-Specific Gene Expression: Assessment of Fibroblast Promoter Sequences by a Luciferase Reporter
  • Current Position: Graduate Student at University of Utah, entered Fall 04; L. Charles Murtaugh in the Eccles Institute for Human Genetics
  • Publications: none