James Stockard

  • Graduation Year:  1976
  • Email:  unknown
  • Undergraduate Institution:  University of South Florida, BA, Chemistry, 1970
  • Graduate Department:  unknown
  • Thesis Title:  Electroencephalographic Correlations with Biochemical Abnormalities in Reye's Syndrome
  • Thesis Advisor at UCSD:  Dr. Reginald Bickford
  • Postgraduate Education:  Neurology, University of California, Medical Center, San Diego
  • Current Position:  lost contact
  • Publications

Glen Evans

  • Graduation Year:  1979
  • Email:  unknown
  • Undergraduate Institution:  UC San Diego, BA, Biology, 1973
  • Graduate Department:  Biomedical Sciences
  • Thesis Title:  Expression and Regulation of Prolactin and Growth Hormone Genes in Rat Pituitary Tumor Cells
  • Thesis Advisor at UCSD:  Dr. Geoff Rosenfeld
  • Postgraduate Education:  Medicine, Stanford University Hospital
  • Current Position:  lost contact
  • Publications: 

Richard B. Mertens

  • Graduation Year:  1979
  • Email:  mertensr@cshs.org
  • Undergraduate Institution:  UC Davis, BS / BS, Chemistry / Biochemistry, 1972
  • Graduate Department:  Physiology / Pharmacology
  • Thesis Title:  Regulation of Fluid Absorption in the Rabbit Gallbladder by Cyclic AMP
  • Thesis Advisor at UCSD:  Dr. Henry Wheeler
  • Postgraduate Education:  Pathology (Anatomic and Clinical), University of Washington, Seattle
  • Current Position:  Pathologist, gastrointestinal pathology, breast pathology, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
  • Publications