Past Colloquia - 2010

Thursday, December 2

Ben Yu, M.D., Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Medicine, Division of Dermatology

Theodore Friedmann, M.D., Professor, Pediatrics, UCSD Invented the term “gene therapy”, past president American Society of Gene Therapy

Liz Murphy

Biomedical Magazine Review

Career Perspectives Speaker:  Making a niche in biomedicine - the road to gene therapy


Monday, August 23

Panel Discussion:  High throughput technology's impact on science and medicine

Jonathan Sebat, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Chief, Beyster Center for Molecular Genomics of Neuropsychiatric Diseases

Bing Ren, Ph.D., Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Member, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Al La Spada, M.D./Ph.D., Professor, Pediatrics & Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Associate Director, Institute for Genomic Medicine

Kun Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, Genomic Technologies

Kang Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Ophthalmology, Retina Specialist and Human Genetics, Director, Institute for Genomic Medicine


Monday, April 26

Anne B. Young, M.D., Ph.D, Julieanne Dorn Professor of Neurology, Chief, Neurology Service, Massachusetts General Hospital

Career Perspectives Speaker