Event Planning Hillcrest

UCSDMC - Hillcrest

Catering / Housekeeping (619) 543-3420 (Food Services)
(619) 543-2255 (Hospital Transport)
Custodial Services(619) 543-3192
Calls that cannot be answered are forwarded automatically to our 24hour cell phone. If this line cannot be picked up, call will roll to voicemail. Please leave a voicemail message with contact name, phone#, and details of your request. Leaving a message will result in an automatic page to the current shift manager.
Security(619) 543-3762 (Unlocking)
(619) 290-2620 (Pager)
Facilities(619) 543-6454 (Room issues: i.e. light or temperature problems)
UCSD Parking Services(619) 543-6524 (Medical Center Parking Office)
(858) 534-9681 / 534-4840 (Special Events Parking Office)