Email Forwarding Policy

Revised: 8 / 2018

Please note that important changes are being made to the School of Medicine’s policy on email forwarding. Previously, the SOM had permitted students to forward email received on their UCSD account to be redelivered to a third party vendor account (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). In order to be fully compliant with relevant School of Medicine and UCSD Medical Center policies, we do not allow email forwarding. This policy change is prompted because email containing patient data or other confidential materials cannot be permitted to reside on non-UCSD controlled servers (e.g., Google, Yahoo) where the risk of a HIPAA breach is considered too high.

As noted in the Advisor and Student Handbook, all students are accountable for information in email messages that have been sent to them by UCSD faculty and staff. It is therefore expected that every student will check his or her UCSD email regularly and frequently - daily is highly recommended when courses are in session, but at least every 48 hours is required (unless on vacation). It is recognized that students who are off-campus at very remote locations may not have reliable internet access, but they are encouraged to take advantage of any opportunities they may have to access email.

Please view your email through a Microsoft Exchange-compatible client, mobile device and/or the Student WebOutlook.

Thanks for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Kama Guluma, M.D.
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs

Sean J. Evans, M.D.
Professor of Neurosciences
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

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