If your status as an actively enrolled SOM student changes due to graduation, leave of absence, or withdrawal, please take the following steps beforehand. This action will preserve your valued computer files and minimize the risk of missing email sent to you. MedEDTech, HS IT and Campus IT (Educational Technology Services - ETS) groups will work with you to ensure your transition occurs with the least amount of disruption to your services.

If no action is taken, then student email accounts will expire and be automatically closed approximately 90 days after the last official school term of enrollment - e.g., 1 quarter after the last enrolled class.

Refer to the Campus' Things To Do Before Your Account Close page for details. Note the following addendums to that information:
  • If you become UCSD resident, your new department/program will become your home department and HS IT will be supporting your email service.

  • If you become UCSD staff or faculty, Campus IT will retain your mail address record beyond the usual time period (usually 90-120 days), assuming that your new department requests to keep your UCSD email address active. Note, you still need to obtain a new account (new mailbox on a different mail server) or have your student account moved to a non-student mail server.

  • When asking ETS to delete your account from student/instructional systems, also include MedEDTech. To do this login to your account BEFORE IT CLOSES and send a message to and, saying something like, "I have graduated. Please close my student e-mail account, 'username'"