New Hire Payroll Processing

​There are several different forms that need to be completed as part of the official onboarding of your trainees. This information sheet will provide you with the documents, where to find them, how to fill them out, and tell you who wants what hopefully making the process a little less confusing and easier to navigate: PPS Prepares: BELI CODE 5 is used for ALL GME trainees.

1. Payroll (PPS) Forms

These forms must be distributed/collected and originals sent to your PPS preparer (if not you) ASAP. The PPS entry generates an Employee ID number (EID) and until an EID is issued, NOTHING can happen to set up your trainees email address, computer or Epic access. Link to access Payroll Forms:

2. Disbursement Forms (NOT for payroll)

This form should be completed faxed for security reasons (fax# and alternate means of transmission are in the form). This form is required if the trainee wants reimbursements direct deposited; if not set up, reimbursements will be mailed.

3. UC RASC Forms

  • Statement Concerning Your Employment in a University Position Not Covered by Social Security
    • IMPORTANT: follow the distribution provided in the form

4. Forms to Retain in the Programs Trainee Personnel File

5. Complete it Online (by program coordinator)

6. At Your Service

Introduce and explain At Your Service (AYSO) to your trainees. Once registered and able to sign on to AYSO, they can set-up, manage/view payroll and tax information easily, quickly and safely. The following services are the most common inquiries to OGME:

CAUTION: Trainees benefits are managed through PlanSource, which can be accessed on the OGME Benefits website. Attempts to view/access benefits information through AYSO will result in a message informing the employee they have no health coverage.