COMLEX Level 3 Application Material for Osteopathic Medical Licensure in California


COMLEX Level 3 Application Material will be available to you at the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners website for the COMLEX Level 3 exam.

When you go onto the website you will go through the steps below to obtain the information you need for COMLEX Level 3 as follows:

  • Review the NBOME Level 3 Examination Information website. It contains the official policies of the COMLEX-USA program that apply to your administration of the exam.
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Eligibility
    • Description of Examinations
    • Registration and Scheduling
    • Examination Administration
    • Examination Scores
    • Certified Transcripts

If you have questions regarding registration and/or scheduling after accessing the web site, please contact the NBOME Client Services Office at (866) 479-6828.


The exam is computerized and is scheduled on a Monday through Saturday basis to be given at Thomson Prometric Testing Centers. There is one Sylvan Center in San Diego as follows:

Thomson Prometric Test Center
5075 Shoreham Place Suite 180
San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: 858-866-2120 Site Code: 0526
For the most up-to-date list of Testing Centers in the state of California, please refer to Thomson Prometrics website

Application Process

  • Read all of the application material carefully. Submit the application and attachments
  • Fee required with application for processing will be submitted on-line
  • Once your application is registered and eligibility status approved, you will receive a Scheduling Permit.
  • When you receive the Scheduling Permit, you will be able to contact Thomson immediately to schedule the examination.
  • The Scheduling Permit will specify your assigned eligibility period, which begins immediately and extends for approximately 90 days, during which time you must complete the exam.
  • If you do not take the test within your assigned eligibility period and wish to take it in the future, you must reapply, including submission of new application materials and fees.