House Officer Check-Out Procedure

​Preparing to Graduate/Term

Please review the information in the Exit Process as you prepare to graduate. It covers many issues such as who you need to notify that you're leaving, your UCSD email access, and your W2 to name a few. Shortly before your termination date, you will receive a notice of your eligibility for COBRA and the availability of COBRA forms and information on this website.

Forwarding Address

Please provide your forwarding address to your department coordinator. Your certificate of completion will not be released to your department until we receive your forwarding address. If you do not have a forwarding address, you may use your permanent address.

DONT forget to change your address with the following agencies:

Medical Records

Please make sure to complete all dictations before your last day. One week before your termination date, you will receive notification of any outstanding dictations.

ID Badge

Please turn in your ID badge to your department on your last day.

COBRA Insurance

Upon termination of training, UCSD offers continuing health coverage through COBRA. You are eligible to continue the plans you currently have by paying 102% of the premiums Graduate Medical Education pays for your coverage. You have 31 days from the date of the termination of your Standard Life and Standard Long Term Disability (LTD) Group coverage to convert your Life/LTD coverage. You have 60 days from the date your coverage ends to continue enrollment in your health, dental, and vision plans. No matter when you decide to continue coverage within this period, your insurance will be retroactive to the date of your termination, with no break in coverage. For detailed information, please see the COBRA Notification Information.

Online COBRA forms and notices:

Moving Out of State

If you will be moving out of the state of California and you currently have the Blue Cross HMO plan, you must switch to the PPO plan. Under the Blue Cross PPO COBRA plan, you may need to find a BlueCross in-network provider at 80% coverage unless you are able to visit a UCSD Medical Center at 100% coverage. To locate a PPO provider, please go to and type in our three letter Identification Prefix (XDP) in the BlueCard Doctor and Hospital Finder. You may also see any other provider, but will only be covered at 60%.

Retirement Benefits

If you have contributed to the University of California Pretax Defined Contribution Plan or to the Tax Deferred 403(b) Plan and you are terminating your appointment, you may wish to access FITSCo at Upon log in, this site explains the options for disposition of your funds. You may also call the FITSCo automated toll free number at (866) 682-7787 and and handle the disposition of your funds over the phone.