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​The UCSD Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME) has established this website for you to provide suggestions, feedback, or to make us aware of your concerns.

We are all interested in your welfare and want your training experience to be a positive one. If you have an issue you feel needs to be addressed, then you should first approach your program director or chief residents. Many times your program leadership is in the best position to immediately address the concern. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable approaching your program director or chiefs, then the next level in the chain of command is your division chief or department chair. Your departmental leadership takes your education seriously and wants to create an environment that is supportive.

If the circumstances are such that you feel more comfortable going outside of your department, then I want you to use this website or talk to us in the OGME. We will take your concerns seriously and review the situation in a professional manner. I will make the commitment to keep your comments confidential, so please consider providing contact information as more details can be obtained and we can provide follow up information to you. However, we have set up this link to be completely anonymous if you wish. We cannot trace this back to you, unless you choose to provide us with contact information.

Lastly, you should be aware that UCSD has an Office of the Ombuds which can also provide confidential, neutral, and informal dispute resolution services for the UCSD community. Here's a brief Guide to the Services that they offer.  They can be contacted at 858-534-0777.  

We care about you; we care about your education and welfare, and we are here to support you in any way we can.

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All the best in training,
Charles Goldberg, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education & DI