Contacts - Human Resources Related

Fidelity Net benefits

Phone: (866) 682-7787

contact Fidelity for:

  • Defined Contribution (Safe Harbor) Plan
  • 403(b)


UCSD Campus Human Resources

contact OGME Benefits for:

  • Gaining access to your Fidelity account 

Please refer to UCPath for:

  • Updating your contact information
  •  Updating your security preferences
  •  Calculating and updating your tax withholding information
  •  Viewing your earnings statement (pay advice)
  •  Viewing and printing your direct deposit statement
  • Verifying your UC employment
    * Please note that your benefits are through OGME and will NOT display though UCPath


contact SECURITY for:

  • Lost and Found
  • I.D. Cards (MWF 8-12)
(619) 543-3762
140 Arbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92103