Liability Insurance

​All housestaff are covered under UCSD's self-insured medical professional and hospital liability insurance when working within the course and scope of one's appointment, whether it is on-site or off-site at an affiliated hospital. For information regarding details of this insurance, please review the General Information on Liability Insurance below in "Forms".

It is imperative that UCSD house officers contact the UCSD Medical Center Risk Management Department whenever there is an adverse occurrence involving a patient in whose care the house officer was involved. You must contact the Risk Management Department at (619) 543-2042 immediately under any circumstance where there is potential for malpractice litigation, regardless of the presence or absence of negligence. Both damage control for malpractice and successful defense against malpractice depend on early warning to the Risk Management Department.

Additionally, it is vital that UCSD house officers contact Risk Management before discussing any patient care issues to prevent incurring additional liability or becoming a newly-named additional defendant. Please advise anyone wishing to discuss those issues, including attorneys or risk management staff at affiliated hospitals, that such requests must go through Risk Management as a matter of University policy.


If you need a liability certification letter, please fill out a request form,obtaining any required signatures, and submit to OGME using any of the following methods:

Postal Mail


Attn: Ann Zultner, UCSD-OGME
200 W. Arbor Drive, MC #8829, San Diego, CA 92103


Deliver In-Person

402 Dickinson (MPF), Ste 150, Hillcrest Location 

Interoffice Mail (within UCSD only)

Attn: Ann Zultner, Mail Code 8829

Scan and Email