Retirement Benefits

​Housestaff are currently offered a mandatory Defined-Contribution Plan (DCP). In lieu of Social Security,7.5% of pre-tax pay is directed to the UC's DCP. Additional contributions can be made with a voluntary 403(b) or 457(b) plan. Your retirement benefits are not administered through the Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME). It is run by the Health Sciences Human Resources through Fidelity.

To receive access to your Fidelity accounts, please contact Health Sciences HR and let them know that you are a Resident Physician requesting Fidelity access.

Health Sciences HR: 619-543-3200 (option 2);

To change the distribution of your DCP funds and to request distributions on terminating your appointment at UCSD, please contact FITSCo at (866) 682-7787. You also have the option of making all of these changes online by registering for their member login at (Note: Fidelity's website is best viewed by using Internet Explorer.)

You may also view the DCP document for an explanation of the plan.