​Community partnerships and Pathway Programs

Community Partnerships

"Learning from diverse communities"


Health Frontiers in Tijuana

The UCSD Health Frontiers in Tijuana Student-run Free Clinic (HFiT) is located in Tijuana's Zona Centro, an area where drug use and sex work are pervasive and hundreds of deportees and homeless live. 

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Pathway PRograms

"Planting the seeds of a career in medicine"


UCSD Health Professions Exposure and Recruitment Program (HPREP)

HREP focuses on exposing students to the field medicine and to health disparities. High school students are mentored by medical students at the UCSD campus, and participate in workshops, clinical skills sessions, mock patient encounters, medical education conferences every month, for a total of 10 months annually, throughout their 4 years of high school. Two cohorts of 9th graders were enrolled and 100% of the first cohort have graduated from high school.


Research methology training lab (RTML)

For over 30 years, the RMTL has trained and inspired first-generation, low-income, and historically underrepresented students to pursue careers in healthcare. The structured program consists of 40 hours of basic science methodology training for students with no formal research experience. Students participate in a seminar hosted twice a quarter by the program director on different clinical topics, careers in health care, and a panel of health professional students. RTML also offers a structured Summer Science and Clinical Camp and Introduction to Microbiology Lab.


UniversityLink Medical Science Program (ULMSP)

ULMSP is a structured, longitudinal academic enrichment program conducted on the UCSD campus for community college transfer students who intend to pursue a health professional career. ULMSP provides: summer residential experience at transfer; yearlong counseling and mentoring; guidance on graduate and health professions schools’ admissions policies and procedures, scholarships and financial aid; individual assessment of learning and leadership styles; and verbal reasoning, writing and learning skills workshops. Among the 130 ULMSP alumni in the past 13 years, 70% have been admitted to medical, pharmacy, or veterinary school.



Program for underrepresented Medical Applicants (PumA)

This student-led initiative was created in November 2019 to provide guidance to disadvantaged URM premedical applicants on the medical school application process. Students participate in workshops addressing MCAT preparation, Personal Statements, Mock MMIs and professional school application preparation. UCSD SOM medical students are trained as mentor-leaders for this eight month program with three dedicated weekend seminars, including a session with diversity and admissions leadership


Student National Medical Association (SNMA) MENTORING Project

In 2020, the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) established a new mentoring program, in partnership with the UCSD Black Resource Center.  The aim is to provide guidance to Black and African-American premedical students through weekly office hours by SNMA medical students.




First and second year medical and pharmacy students conduct a one-day visit to the UCSD Health Sciences Center for high school students. Every quarter, over 150 students and teachers  learn about medical and pharmacy school through hands on clinical experiences. This program was initiated by the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) 30 years ago and is institutionalized as a course elective. It has expanded to partner with local tribes as Native Doc-4-A-Day and with local middle schools as Junior Doc-4-A-Day.


The Latinx PRE-MED Initiative

Funded by the UCSD Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office and the UCSD SOM Dean’s Office, we aspire to become a medical school Hispanic-Serving Institution. This four month program offers culturally relevant mentorship to 10 UCSD premedical students on: the medical school application and interview process, conference support, and fiscal support for an MCAT preparation course. The inaugural cohort of ten Latinx premedical students were selected in 2020, followed by two subsequent cohorts of ten students each in 2021 and 2022


California native american resEaRch centers for health student development program (CA-NARCH SDP)

The CA-NARCH SDP was established in 2003 and is a partnership between Indian Health Council (IHC), serving 9 regional tribes, and CSUSM, UC San Diego SOM, SDSU GSPH and Palomar Community College. It aims to increase the number of AI/AN and URM culturally competent researchers who are committed to addressing public health issues within Native communities.  CA-NARCH will recruit and support AI/AN and URM students in STEM fields, including UCSD pre-meds. It will also provide opportunities for medical students to gain critical research experience and receive training in indigenous research methods.


Program in Medicine-Transforming iNdigenous Doctor Education (Prime-TiDE)

The mission of the Program in Medicine – Transforming Indigenous Doctor Education (PRIME-TIDE) is to prepare medical students for careers focused on providing healthcare to Native populations.  This will be accomplished by didactic and experiential training on the specific healthcare needs, cultural context in which that care is provided and how medical research may inform decisions made by healthcare personnel.




Doc-4-A Day established mid 1990s, 150 middle & high school students, each quarter
Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HREP)
Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP)