​Thursday, October 27, 2022
​7:00 am
​Registration & Continental Breakfast
​8:00 am
​Welcome & Introductions
​8:05 am
Course Overview, Sandip Patel, MD
​8:15 am
Keynote: Cancer Research: Opening Doors, Closing Wounds, Antonio Grillo-Lopez, PhD

​Clinical Trials ​
​8:45 am
Progress in Racial/Ethnic Cancer Clinical Trials Enrollment,  Jesse Nodora, DrPH
​9:00 am
​Advances in Oncology Clinical Trials:  From Bench to Bedside to Community and Back, Sandip Patel, MD
​9:15 am
Catchment area/geography overview
​9:25 am
Clinical Research – A Critical Role for Biorepositories, Alfredo A. Molinolo, MD, PhD
​9:40 am
Advancing Cancer Care for Underserved Populations, Corinne McDaniels-Davidson, PhD, MPH, CHES
​9:55 am
10:05 am​
​Coffee Break
Computational Oncology "Interfacing with the Quantitive Sciences"
​10:25 am
Interactions between the Inherited and Tumor Genomes Drive Differences in Outcome, Hannah Carter, PhD
​10:40 am
Navigating multi-level complexities of cancer cellular and molecular landscape, William Kim, PhD
​10:55 am
​11:05 am
Clinical Advances in Colon Cancer, Shanglei Liu, MD, MAS
​11:20 am
Young onset Colorectal Cancer, Samir Gupta, MD  
​11:35 am
​11:45 am

Concurrent Sessions​

​A1 - Cervical Cancer
A2 - Bladder 
​12:45 pm
Update in Radiation for GYN Malignancies, Dominique Rash, MD

Delineating Tumor Associated Macrophage Targets for Cancer Therapy, Judy Varner, PhD 
​1:00 pm
HPV Vaccination: Turning Insights into ActionKarina Moyano, MPH
Advances in Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma, Tyler Stewart, MD
​1:15 pm

​B2- Kidney
​1:25 pm
Clinical advances in Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Adam M. Burgoyne, MD, PhD
​The Changing Therapeutic Landscape for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma, Rana R. McKay, MD
​1:40 pm
Epidemiology and Imaging Diagnosis of HCC, Yuko Kono, MD, PhD, FAIUM, FAASLD
Translational Advances in the Science of Angiogenesis, Napoleone Ferrara, MD
​1:55 pm
​2:05 pm

C1- Prostate/Testicular
​C2- Primary CNS Tumors & Neoplasms
​2:30 pm
Circulating MicroRNAs: Turning the Tide in Testicular Cancer, Aditya Bagrodia, MD, FACS
Translational opportunities in primary CNS tumors, Jeffrey Gustafson, PhD
​2:45 pm
​Scientific Advances in Prostate Cancer, Christina Jamieson, PhD
Gliomas, David Piccioni, MD, PhD
​3:00 pm

D1- Pancreas
​D2- Lymphomas
​3:10 pm
Clinical Considerations with Routine Germline Testing, Lisa Madlensky, PhD, CGC
Updates on Lymphoma and the CAR-T therapy/trials, Dimitri Tzachanis, MD 
​3:25 pm
​Irreversible Electroporation: Shock Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer, Rebekah White, MD, FACS
Scientific Innovations in the Treatment of Lymphoma,
Benjamin Heyman, MD
​3:40 pm
Stem Cell Signals in the Origin, Progression and Therapy Resistance of Cancers,
Gregory Botta, MD, PhD
Imperial Valley Perspectives on Cancer Survivorship Care Services, 
Helen Palomino, LCSW 
​3:55 pm

E1 - Cutaneous
​E2- Head & Neck Cancer
​4:05 pm
Surgical Management of Melanoma,
Joel M. Baumgartner, MD
Updates in Head & Neck Cancer,
Ezra Cohen, MD
​4:20 pm
Drug ResistanceMatt Hangauer, PhD
Scientific Advances in Head & Neck Cancers, J. Silvio Gutkind, PhD
​4:35 pm
Treatment in the Balance: Managing Cancer Cachexia, Traci Roberts, MS, RD
​4:50 pm   

​5:00 pm

​Wine & Cheese Reception ​
​6:00 pm
​Friday, October 28, 2022
​7:30 am
​Registration & Continental Breakfast

Concurrent Sessions​

F1 - Ovarian/Endometrial Cancer
​F2 - Thoracic
​8:00 am
​Therapeutic Advancements in Gynecologic CancerRamez N. Eskander, MD
Updates in Lung Cancer,
Kathryn A. Gold, MD
​8:15 am
​Advances in pathologic assessment of reproductive tissues, Omonigho Aisagbonhi, MD, PhD
Tobacco Prevention and Control,
David Strong, PhD
​8:30 am
​Scientific Advances in Gynecologic Tumors, Mikella Robinson, PhD

​E-cigarette and Vaping Effects on Oncogenesis and Cancer Progression,
Laura E. Crotty Alexander, MD  
​8:45 am
​G1- Leukemia
G2- Myeloma
​9:00 am
​New and Targeted Therapies in AML, James Mangan, MD, PhD
BCMA Targeted Therapy in Multiple Myeloma, Caitlin Costello, MD
​9:15 am
Translational Research in Leukemia,
Michael Choi, MD

Scientific Advances in Understanding Myeloma, Leslie Crews, PhD
​9:30 am
​9:45 am
​10:15 am
Advances in the treatment of Peritoneal Malignancies, Jula Veerapong, MD        ​
​10:30 am
Translational Drug Discovery in GI Tumors, Jason Sicklick, MD, FACS 
​10:45 am
​10:55 am
Clinical Advances in Breast Cancer, Angelique E. Richardson, MD, PhD
​11:10 am
Reproductive Considerations in Breast Cancer Survivorship, Sally A. D. Romero, PhD, MPH 
​11:25 am
Advances in Breast Cancer Science, Jing Yang, PhD
1​1:40 am
​11:50 am
​Barriers to Participation in Clinical Trials in Pediatric Oncology, Paula Aristizabal, MD, MAS
​12:05 pm
​Neuroblastoma, Peter Zage, MD, PhD
​12:20 pm
Computational Approaches in Pediatric Cancers, Jill Mesirov, PhD   
1​2:35 pm
​12:45 pm
Wrap up & Next Steps, Sandip Patel, MD
​1:00 pm
​Final Adjournment

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