Do I need any special software to participate in the virtual meeting?

These programs will utilize Zoom webinar. Once you access the meeting, you will be prompted to download and run Zoom. Click here to view a short video demonstrating how to join a Zoom meeting.

Will other participants see or hear me?
Attendee cameras and microphones are automatically disabled. You do not need to turn them off.

How will the Q&A work?
Participants can type questions I through the Q&A feature in Zoom. Typically, a moderator will review and ask those questions of the faculty at the conclusion of the lecture.

I registered for a program but did not receive a link.
Please email ocme@health.ucsd.edu

Additional Questions? 

Please email us at ocme@health.ucsd.edu or call 888-229-6263 or 858-534-3940 and we will be happy to help you. Email is the best way to reach us at this time.

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