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Process & Requirements: RSS

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All RSS are accredited on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year cycle. During the fiscal year, reporting is due to the CME office as follows:

  • First report is DUE NO LATER THAN January 31 of each year (for July 1-December 31 of the preceding year)
  • Second/Final report is DUE NO LATER THAN July 31 of each year (for January 1-June 30 of the same year)

Follow-up may be submitted via e-mail to (preferred) to or by campus mail (MC0947). Once all required documentation has been received, the meeting planner/coordinator listed on the accreditation application will receive a notification of completion.

Following are a list of the SEMI-ANNUAL reporting requirements:

Sign-in Sheets: Submit sign-in sheets from all sessions during the reporting period. We require only the first page of the sign-in sheet from each session. You are required to keep complete attendance records on file for a period of six years and be able to verify attendance upon request.

Disclosure Forms: Submit copies of all completed disclosure forms for all persons involved in the development, review and presentation of content signed and dated prior to the session date of the presentation (course director(s) and planner disclosures were received with the initial application) for all sessions held during the reporting period. If you used our online Disclosure Database, you can pull a report of all disclosures provided and submit.

Evidence of Resolution of Conflict of Interest: Management of all conflicts of interest disclosed is the responsibility of a course director without COI and is an ongoing process throughout the year. Each disclosure form should be accompanied by a Disclosure Review Form for all persons who have a financial relationship with a commercial interest and, if applicable, a Peer Review Form. Evidence that adequate resolution of COI took place is required and must be provided to the CME office.

Evidence of Disclosure to Learners: Disclosure of all financial relationships must take place prior to each session. This can be achieved through the Sign-in Sheet Template, the Disclosure Summary Form, or (as a back-up) in introductory presentation slides or via a handout. Disclosure provided must include all persons involved in the planning, development and presentation of content, not just the presenter. Evidence of disclosure provided at each session is required and must be provided to the CME office.

Program/Schedule/Presenter List: List of all sessions by date, with topics and name(s) of presenters (this should match your disclosure forms and/or report submitted) for the reporting period.

Participant/Attendee List: One master list for the reporting period that clearly specifies, name, MD vs. non-MD, dates, credit for each date, and total credit for each attendee.

Evaluation Summary: Please tabulate evaluations from multiple sessions throughout the six-month reporting period and at a minimum from three sessions held. Download anEvaluation Summary template to assist with this process. All sessions awarded commercial support must be evaluated. Please do not send in individual evaluation forms.

Certificate Templates: Copy of templates used (MD and non-MD) and issued to attendees.

Outcomes Data(if applicable): If you indicated in your accreditation application that you were going to perform additional outcomes studies, documentation is required to show that this took place. Please send summary data as well as copy of instrument(s) used.

Commercial Support (if applicable): A summary of commercial support received is required (date of talk, name of commercial supporter, amount of commercial support). In addition, if you have not already sent us all your fully executed Letters of Agreement, they must be submitted at this time.

Acknowledgement of Commercial Support (if applicable): Evidence that all commercial support was disclosed to the learners prior to the start of the session for which support was awarded. This can be achieved through the sign-in sheet.

Financial Report: This is required if you received commercial support and any other time when revenue is collected and expenses incurred for the RSS. Please use our Financial Reporting template.