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Process & Requirements: RSS

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A Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) is a live activity that is planned to have 1) a series with multiple sessions that 2) occur on an ongoing basis (offered weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and 3) are primarily planned by and presented to the UC San Diego and Rady Childrens Hospital San Diego (RCHSD) professional staff. Examples of activities that are planned and presented as a regularly scheduled series are Grand Rounds, Case Conferences, Tumor Boards and M&M Conferences.

The accreditation application is the mechanism used to apply for CME credit and is required for all RSS. Renewal applications are due every two years and submitted online. Please refer to your most recent approval letter for information about when your RSS is due for renewal or contact for assistance. If you are planning a new RSS, please contact our office before submitting an application.

RSS Important Deadlines

All RSS are accredited on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year cycle.

  • Renewal Applications are Due June 1 (required to be submitted every two years)

Reporting is due to the CME office as follows:

  • First report is DUE NO LATER THAN January 31 of each year (for July 1-December 31 of the preceding year)
  • Second/Final report is DUE NO LATER THAN July 31 of each year (for January 1-June 30 of the same year)


Educational Planning/Application Preparation
  • Complete the Educational Planning Process prior to submitting the application (use the RSS Educational Planning Tool to guide you through this process).
  • Collect disclosures from course directors, planners/coordinators and planning committee members (due with the application).

Application Submission

Due June 1, Every Two Years

  • Complete and submit the RSS Accreditation Application no later than June 1.
  • Submit disclosures from course directors, planners/coordinators and planning committee members along with your application (online or in paper form).
Review and Approval of Application
  • Application review and approval may take up to 30 days, depending on how complete the application is.
  • Approvals are sent via email.
Prior to Each Session
  • Marketing/Announcements/Flyers
  • Collection and Review of Disclosures/COI
  • Resolution of all COI Disclosed (by Course Director)
  • Preparation of Sign-In Sheet
  • Preparation of Disclosure Summary Form (optional as adjunct to sign-in sheet)
  • Preparation of Evaluation Form
  • Preparation of Certificates (if issuing at each session)
  • Commercial Support (if applicable)
On-site at Each Session
  • Sign-In Sheet
  • Disclosure to Learners (through sign-in sheet and/or disclosure summary form)
  • Acknowledgment of Commercial Support (if applicable)(through sign-in sheet)
  • Evaluation Form (minimum of three times per six-month reporting period and for all sessions that have commercial support)
  • Certificates (can be distributed at each session or at end of year)
Following Each Session
  • Attendance Tracking (ongoing tracking required)
Semi-Annual Reporting
Due January 31 (for July 1 - December 31 sessions) 

Due July 31 (for January 1 - June 30 sessions)

  • Sign-in Sheets (all)
  • Disclosure Forms (all)
  • Disclosure Review Forms (all)
  • Peer Review Forms (all, if applicable)
  • Disclosure Summary (all, if applicable)
  • Program/Schedule/Presenters (should match disclosures submitted)
  • Participant/Attendee List
  • Evaluation Summary (from minimum of three sessions per six-month reporting period)
  • Certificate Templates
  • Outcomes Data (if applicable)
  • List of Commercial Supporters and Acknowledgment of Support (if applicable)
  • Financial Report (required if commercial support received)