Process and Requirements by Activity Type

CME Management System - CloudCME

We are thrilled to announce that we are transitioning to a new CME Management System to better serve the faculty and staff at UC San Diego. Our new platform, CloudCME, will integrate accreditation applications, disclosure collection/management, activity evaluations and learner attendance/certificates/transcripts into one comprehensive platform and will offer efficiencies across the delivery of continuing education.  This will be the software for all of our events including live meetings, virtual meetings, divisional/departmental grand rounds – everything we accredit.

Launch date: We are currently in a soft launch state and will be rolling out the platform to a wider audience in early 2023. More information will be shared on the details of this transition soon. We will have educational material and support for everyone as we move forward.

 What you need to know now

  • All UC San Diego faculty/staff will use single sign on (SSO) integration to activate/access their account in CloudCME. It is very important to use your login credentials to avoid having duplicate accounts in the portal. DO NOT USE; this will create duplicates and complications.
  • To ensure a smooth transition to our new platform, all UC faculty should activate their profile in CloudCME at this time. Additionally, if you will have a role in planning or speaking at a future UC San Diego CME-accredited activity, please also complete your financial disclosure form in CloudCME (data from current systems will not be transferred to the new platform). This single disclosure as a speaker/planner will be used for ALL UC San Diego CME-accredited activities. 
  • Please visit to complete this process. Detailed instructions are available here. This process should take about 10 minutes.
  • We recommend bookmarking the UCSD CloudCME site on your web browsers.

Moving forward: As your division/department transition to CloudCME for grand rounds or other local recurring conferences there will be more education, information and FAQs. We will also be accepting all new applications for larger conferences/meetings through CloudCME. In addition to a new method of signing-in for conferences that will be easier than the current QR codes or paper systems, there will be many other new workflows that are improved over our current practices for faculty and staff.

Please select the type of activity you are planning:


If you are planning an activity that does not fit these general types/formats, or if you need assistance deciphering which activity type is appropriate for your activity, please complete the following Activity Questionaire.  We encourage the utilization of multiple formats specific to educational needs and individualized learning styles and will be happy to work with you to develop self-directed learning opportunities and performance improvement activities.

Note: Our policy is that all CME activities accredited by our office are primarily developed by UC SanDiego faculty and staff.  Read our Accreditation Policies.