Educational Planning

CME activities sponsored by the UC San Diego School of Medicine are meant to foster the continuing professional development of physicians and other health care professionals. CME activities must address educational needs defined by at least one professional practice gap (the difference between current practice and optimal practice) with the intent of changing physician competence, performance and/or patient outcomes (as opposed to merely increasing knowledge). Effective design of a CME activity requires understanding of the professional practice gaps which need to be addressed, specific measurable learning objectives to bridge the gaps and meaningful evaluation to demonstrate the resulting practice improvements.

The planning cycle for all CME activities always begins with the educational planning process.

Please use one of our educational planning tools to guide you through the gap analysis/needs assessment process and subsequent layers of program planning. The use of these tools will allow you to walk through the steps involved and adequately prepare for the application submission process.

UCSD CME Live and Enduring Educational Planning Tool

UCSD CME RSS Educational Planning Tool