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The UCSD EyeMobile for Children gives low-income kids 3-6 years of age the vision they need to succeed in school and life by identifying, treating and preventing vision disorders by means of vision screenings, vision exams on the EyeMobile for Children, outreach and education, and early child development research.

Vision Screening

Children are screened for various eye disorders at their preschool locations. Results are available immediately, and the parents are notified of the results.


All children who are referred from the screening will receive a complete eye exam at their school location. Once the exam is finished, the optometrist is able to determine whether the child needs prescription eyeglasses or other forms of treatment. Examination results will be given to the parents as well as to the school to be retained for the child's health record.

Eye Glasses

Within a week, an EyeMobile staff member will return to the school or center with the pre-selected eyeglasses and cases for the children who received prescriptions. The glasses will be individually fitted to make sure they fit comfortably on the child.


Once children receive glasses, a staff member will call the home and answer any questions parents might have. Staff members will call teachers and parents to see how the child is doing with the glasses throughout the year. Children who are at high risk for developing amblyopia will be monitored closely, and repeat visual acuity tests will be performed within a 6-8 week period. If acuity has not improved, the child will be referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist.In such cases, a different course of treatment may be necessary to correct the eye problem.


If a severe vision problem is detected during the EyeMobile exam, or if the follow-up indicates that visual acuity is not improving with the wearing of glasses, a referral to an ophthalmologist will be necessary. if a child is not covered by insurance, project staff will make an appointment with a UCSD ophthalmologist. Every effort will be made to help provide the child with needed care. \

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding UCSD EyeMobile for Children services, please call us at 858-822-2585 for more information.