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2023 Issue

Like life itself, a university is in constant evolution: growing and changing to meet new challenges and needs. Nowhere is that more evident than in the past and future of UC San Diego Health Sciences and its missions of education, research and clinical care.

The cover and foldout centerpiece of 2023 issue of Discoveries magazine capture the ongoing transformation of the La Jolla and Hillcrest health campuses, visualizing through past, current and planned development what we were, are and will be.

The issue also recollects the significant contributions of David A. Brenner, MD, who stepped down as vice chancellor of Health Sciences in 2021 after an unprecedented 14-year tenure, and reintroduces his successor, John M. Carethers, MD, who began his distinguished career as a professor in the UC San Diego School of Medicine.

And, of course, the latest issue includes a variety of articles highlighting UC San Diego Health Sciences' excellence across its myriad enterprises, from the ways faculty, staff and students at the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science are reimagining public health to how scientists and physicians are leveraging artificial intelligence to better understand and treat disease.

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Frontline staff at UC San Diego Health recollect the first days of the pandemic...

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Tales In and Out of School

During the pandemic, innovation and adaptability became virtual realities.

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