Privacy Education and Training

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that the University train all workforce members about HIPAA and UCSD Health’s policies specific HIPAA required procedures that may affect the work you do for the University. All faculty, staff, house staff, students, contractors and volunteers are expected to complete HIPAA training at the time of hire (or transfer into UCSD Health) and annually thereafter. 

  • Training materials are available on-line at the UC Learning Center. 
  • Workforce members involved in clinical trial research are required to complete additional on-line training courses.

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UC Learning Center

UC Learning Center, for UCSD’s workforce members and other authorized users.

  • Use your UCSD AD log-in credentials to access the site.
  • Enter the indicated “key word” to locate the following required courses:  
    • “HIPAA” = HIPAA Privacy and Security Training
    • “ISA” = UC’s Information Security Awareness Course
    • Coming soon! Training modules will soon be available in the UCLC related to other HIPAA topics such as: Fundraising, Business Associate Agreements, Identity Theft Prevention Program, Facts about Faxing.

Training Objectives

HIPAA Training and Information Security Awareness Training (new employees and annual training) is designed to help workforce members understand:

  • What information must be protected under state and federal privacy laws
  • Your role in maintaining privacy and security of protected health information (PHI)
  • Patient rights regarding access to and use of their medical information
  • Your role with adhering to privacy and data security policies and responsibility for reporting incidents
  • Consequences and risk of fines for non-compliance and privacy breaches