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FAQ's: UC Health Care Vendor Relations Policy

Please click here for a list of frequently asked questions on the UC Health Care Vendor Relations Policy.

Supplier Guide: How do I become a UC San Diego Health supplier or vendor?

UC San Diego Health is required to maintain specific credentials for all healthcare industry representatives who are seeking access to our facilities or who are observing or participating in procedures. To help us manage this process, we have partnered with Reptrax, an independent online vendor credentialing service used in more than 6,000 healthcare facilities. To do business with us, you must be registered and in good standing with Reptrax.

The benefits of Reptrax include:

  • Added protection and safety while in any part of our facility;
  • The ability to electronically store all necessary credentials you need to access our procedure rooms; 
  • Email notifications of any credentials that are set to expire;
  • Tracking of sales calls and activity in all participating hospitals.

For more information about Reptrax and to register to access UC San Diego Health's facility, visit The registration process is easy and only takes a few minutes. Reptrax has a concierge service dedicated to helping its corporate customers.