About the Compliance Program

The Compliance Program is all about doing the right thing as part of the fabric our culture at UC San Diego Health. Compliance Program staff are here to help you and all UC San Diego Health employees and agents make the right decisions and demonstrate the highest ethical commitment both within the organization and in our interactions with external individuals and entities. 

"The compliance office is here to help people learn about the regulatory and ethical issues relevant to their jobs."

Health care has a significant societal impact, is highly regulated and poses complex questions with often-changing answers. Through this website, the Compliance Program continues our commitment to effective communication and education for the UC San Diego Health population. In addition to serving as a resource for policies, procedures, and useful information related to compliance matters, this website will be updated routinely to provide information on ongoing compliance initiatives. Please take advantage of this website as a trusted resource for information regarding the Compliance Program, the UC Hotline, the Code of Conduct, and answers to common questions and guidance documents, including information on teaching physician billing rules, research compliance, conflicts of interest, health care vendor relations, current policies and guidelines, HIPAA privacy and security, and excluded persons. We are here to help, so please let us know how we can assist you with your compliance-related needs, concerns, or lines of inquiry.

UC San Diego Health takes pride in complying with the laws and regulations which govern our activities each day and we know that each of you work very hard to support this effort. As a result of federal legislation and fraud enforcement activities, we want to provide information to you and all of our contractors and agents regarding the Federal False Claims Act, administrative remedies for false claims and statements, the California False Claims Act, and Whistleblower protections under these laws. These laws play an important role in detecting fraud, waste and abuse in federal health care programs and, through proper education and training, we rely upon our employees to help us ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the standards expected of our organization. 

Please share these attachments with all of your employees and your billing and coding contractors and/or vendors. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to UC San Diego Health!

The Compliance Program is always striving to do better. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at: hscomply@ucsd.edu.