Join the Conversation

"When we heard what could be accomplished here—for this city, the campus, the nation and the world—and how we could attract the very best doctors who would come to UC San Diego to train new physicians, we thought this project would be very important to support."


The future of health care starts with intelligent conversations. Conversations between doctors, basic scientists, engineers, pharmacists, patients and philanthropists. Conversations that redefine medicine. Conversations that happen each day at UC San Diego.

Where do these conversations lead?

  • >> World-class facilities
  • >> New surgical techniques
  • >> Opportunities for philanthropists to redefine medicine
  • >> Ways to prevent illnesses before they start
  • >> Cures for complex diseases
  • >> New tools for diagnosis
  • >> The next generation of health care leaders
  • >> Improved human health

Our goal is to connect people who see the enormous potential of health sciences at UC San Diego with the experts working to fulfill it. Through these ongoing discussions, we work together to redefine medicine and engage those who believe in our mission to dramatically change the future of health care.

How will your conversation start?