Celebrating Our First 50 Years

School of medicine students: past and present

A Different Doctor

For more than 50 years, UC San Diego School of Medicine has trained a different kind of doctor in a different kind of way. This is what that difference looks like.

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SOM classroom

The Path to "Doctor" is Built on History and Experience

From orientation to commencement, every student’s path through medical school is challenging and laborious. But in the end, it’s also full of opportunity, promise and the earned honor of being called "Doctor."

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Collage of speakers from oral history videos

Oral Histories

We're proud of the many faculty, students, trainees and staff who have helped make UC San Diego School of Medicine a leader in education and research. We asked some of our earliest faculty members and other leaders what brought them here, what they are most proud of, and what makes our school unique. Here's what they said.Watch Videos

Discoveries Magazine: Special 50th Anniversary Issue

The 2018 issue of Discoveries, our annual research magazine, celebrates the thousands of faculty, staff and students who have labored and learned together to create something remarkable.

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Dean's Symposium

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, the 2018 Dean’s Spring Symposium featured a special lineup of panelists who shared how their diverse disciplines have evolved, interact and what they envision ahead. The event featured a historical perspective from former University of California President and UC San Diego Chancellor Richard Atkinson, PhD, as well as TED videos, a panel discussion and Q&A with those TED speakers on microbiome research, phage therapy, wisdom in aging and illuminating surgery. Watch Video